Linda Bennett Case Study

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Understanding Adult Nursing This essay will explore the case of Linda Bennett, initially this will focus on introducing her overall holistic assessment; however two tissue pain and nutrition assessment will be discussed comprehensively. Nursing defined as: “Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. It includes the promotion of health, the prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people” (WHO, 2005). Holistic care is used in modern nursing theory as guidance, this nursing process is defined as a method to restore health as the goal, treating patients as a “whole person” based on principle of humanism, respecting…show more content…
Orem (2001) believed the people have the capability to regulate their functioning and development. Then the nurses’ responsibility is to identify whether the patients possess the necessary knowledge to respond to the self-care demand (Aggleton and Chalmers, 2000). In Linda’s case, first the nurses need assess if she got the sufficient intake of air there are rely on the function of cardiovascular and respiratory system. Chest pain is the main symptom for Linda. The chest pain occurred with breathlessness, sick, unusually tired, dizziness, restlessness (BHF, 2013). According to Linda’s report she already appeared short of breath that leads her difficult to manage her daily life such as she couldn’t do some heavy job. Factors that influence breathing may be smoking because Linda has had long term smoking history. Second, the nurse need assess Linda’s nutrition problem because she often had takeaway food 2/3 times per week due to she often feels tired and no energy to manage cooking. But the junk food includes too much fat and low fibre will lead her angina to worsen. Linda’s other potential problem includes dehydration, because Linda didn 't want to get up due to her sleep being disturbed during the night she may refuse to drink more water. At the moment, Linda is independent with personal hygiene, walk to the toilet. No evidence that Linda has any problem with passing urine and bowel movement now. But the potential problem is that she may suffer from constipation because she eats some low fibre and high fatty junk food every week. Fourth, Activity and rest problem, Linda must stop activity (Zumba class and even walking) due to pain and shortness of breath. Also Linda’s sleep problem she didn’t sleep well due to she took Furosemide at night she needed go to the toilet all the time. Apparently it already affected her sleep pattern then leads her feel so tired
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