Lincoln and Douglass' Contributions to the End of Slavery

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First, I will write about slavery, and the influence of two man that have progressed to its conclusion in this nation and to explain how Lincoln and Douglass contributed to ending slavery in the United States.

• Second, I will describe the life of the two protagonists, who have contributed in changing lifestyles in a better way for slaves, despite the difficulties of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Both men were born in a very poor family, they also lived in the same period, and that both have lost their mothers in their early age, similarity between these two characters is that they are self-educated, were intelligent, and spent their young adulthood on farm. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass have been people who have suffered and have been moved from border countries to spare states. Both men used words to persuade others and contributed to ending slavery in America.

Abraham Lincoln was a Caucasian, while Frederick Douglass was an African. Lincoln and as a free American has enjoyed all human rights, unlike Frederick Douglass was born as a slave and has not had any H...
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