Lincoln Six Echo Movie Analysis

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1030 words

Everything is not what it seems to be, especially if a person is headed to the Island. Lincoln Six Echo is the first clone to figure out that going to the Island is not a well-deserved vacation, but rather a trip to the executioner. The film begins in an underground society comprised of clones and focuses on one by the name of Lincoln Six Echo. Lincoln and the other clones live in a society that revolves around being chosen to go to the Island, a false paradise that everyone longs to win a trip to. The clones have been told that outside of the sectors there is a dangerous contamination, which prevents them from leaving the hidden bunker. Lincoln and the other clones are closely monitored by a man, Dr. Merrick, who controls the clone society …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lincoln six echo is the first clone to figure out that going to the island is not a well-deserved vacation, but rather an executioner.
  • Analyzes how dr. merrick relies on orthodoxy to control the clones while maintaining a profitable business with the people who live above ground in the real world.
  • Analyzes how michael bay's film, the island, provides entertainment while offering a unique perspective about scientific development.

Lincoln realizes that going to the Island is not a prize, but instead is a death sentence. He learns that he and the others living with him are clones belonging to wealthy people to use for spare body parts. When Lincoln’s love interest, Jordan Two Delta, wins the next trip to the Island, he tells Jordan about his findings, and the two escape. They travel throughout the Southwestern United States in search of their owners as they try to expose that the clones being killed are human beings, too. After dodging authorities and defying death numerous times, Lincoln and Jordan free the remaining clones and reveal the truth about the cloning program. After viewing Michael Bay’s film, The Island, it is clear that unorthodoxy poses a threat to Dr. Merrick’s subterranean society and similarities can be found between the film and dystopian novels, such as Aldous Huxley’s Brave New …show more content…

Merrick. Dr. Merrick relies on orthodoxy and ignorance of the clones to control the clones while maintaining a profitable business with the people who live above ground in the real world. A lapse in orthodoxy could prove to be the downfall of the society if Dr. Merrick’s true motives and secrets are exposed to both the clones and their owners. However, the boundaries Dr. Merrick has set are put to the test as Lincoln Six Echo begins to experience glimpses of his owner’s memories and questions if there is more to the world than his assembly line job and waiting to go to the Island. Lincoln’s unorthodoxy is a threat to the subterranean society because he expresses his curiosity to others. This results in a domino effect as Lincoln’s new ideas are passed from person to person and sparks the others to wonder about what lies beyond the threshold they have been confined to. The spread of Lincoln’s influence is evident in the film when Gandu Three Echo informs Dr. Merrick of Lincoln’s findings about a bug that could fly. He told Dr. Merrick that he was looking into this mysterious finding. Because Gandu is straying from orthodox thought processes, Dr. Merrick decides he must be killed to stop the spread of information about the outside world. This is seen again when Jones Three Echo begins to wonder where the tubes that he adds chemicals to end up going. When Jones asks

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