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According the case study prepared by Arthur Sharplin, Lincoln Electric Company has one of the most effective management styles and company cultures around the world. This company is the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes. There are many different things which are the source to this successful company from the founders to the bonus plans and communication openness between managers and employees. I have, to the best of my ability, analyzed this extensive case study and come up with different categories, which I will explain in detail, that are the reason for such an inspiring business framework. Founders Although Lincoln Electric Company started small and had a few other owners to it, James F. Lincoln was the maker of change in the company who brought about a big difference in the way it was run. One of the things he did was to form an advisory board which was elected by the employees in the company so that these people could reflect what the majority of the workers wanted. This advisory board is still in existence. James F. Lincoln was the son of a Congregational minister and a devout Christian. His Christian teachings reflected on his way of business and overall seeped through to success despite the company overall not being directly influenced by religion at all. Golden Rule The two brothers who founded this company believed in their golden rule which was, “Treat people as you would like to be treated.” They incorporated this rule into their business by treating their employees like a part of their company. They promised not to lay off their workers and made sure to always hire from within the company. The only external hiring done was of entry-level positions. They made a point to treat their em... ... middle of paper ... More than anything, what an employee has produced is given utmost importance and that is what all their salary is based upon. As long as the outcome is reached and fully gained, the company successfully makes profit and because of that they have the power to have a no lay off policy. Overall, I think the Lincoln Electric company is a great example of a stable and meaningful management technique which has been functioning for a very long time without any hindrance. The founders influence, the golden rule, the various incentive, merit and bonus plans and the communication culture in this company is the reason of its success. The case study was a thorough look into this company and the employee Q&A session was also very valuable. Hopefully, someday, all companies would be able to adopt the style Lincoln Electric has adopted to keep its employees happy.

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