Lin Manuel Miranda That Would Be Enough Analysis

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Essay: In both “Non-Stop” and “That Would Be Enough,” Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays success as an idea that can control the actions of people. He shows that some people compare their success to their self-worth and value. To rise to the top, success generates problems that they have to deal with; it can create strained relationships and differing views to rise within a group of people. These songs show that success can cause contention and can motivate people and that it is neither a wholly positive or a wholly negative feature; on the rise to success, people may experience both of these reactions, potentially becoming problematic. One way that success is conveyed is through the use of phrases that show how some people are motivated by success, such as when Miranda says, “History has its eyes.../ on.../ you!” (page 84, line 120-122, “Non-Stop”). He uses personification to show that the steps they do now will grant them a legacy and, with it, fame. Also, he directs the message to one individual person when saying this, causing it to be more personal by saying “you”. Together, this shows that success can both harm and benefit a person since the person will always be looked down by higher, more powerful people to evaluate their fame and success; and that some people want to become more successful.…show more content…
John Jay got sick after writing five. James Madison wrote twenty-nine. Hamilton / wrote the other fifty-one!” (page 87, line 90-91, “Non-Stop”). The sentence structure is fairly the same, causing it to sound consistent, and towards the beginning, have an almost dull tone. In the final sentence, the line break after “Hamilton” causes suspense and a more powerful, more dramatic, way of conveying the material, and ends in an exclamation instead of a period shown in the previous two sentences. These elements together show that success can also cause someone to have the motivation to keep
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