Limiting Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles

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The World Health Organization (WHO) (2014) defines air pollution as the presence of a chemical, physical or biological contaminant in both indoor and outdoor environment which changes the natural state of the atmosphere. Air pollution can cause fatal health issues for human and animals such as cancer, upper respiratory tract effects, reproductive effects, environmental and ecological hazards (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2013). Air pollution is majorly produced from human activities such as use of mobile vehicles, factories, refineries, power plants, etc. (EPA, 2013). EPA (2013) has a record of 187 hazardous air pollutants which include contaminants such as benzene in gasoline, perchlorethlyene released from some dry cleaning companies and methylene chloride used for production of solvent and paint stripers. EPA (2013) stated that there are six common pollutants which are also called criteria pollutants. These include Ozone, Particulate matter, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxide, Sulfur dioxide and lead. The Union of Concerned Scientists (2013) proposed that transportation is the highest cause of air pollution in the United States. These automobiles serve as a direct source of air pollution to the environment and also produce precursor substances that forms some secondary contaminants (EPA, 2014). Automobiles produce more than third of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the environment (UCS, 2013). EPA (2014) recorded a comprehensive list of the chemical and other substances emitted from automobiles which includes particulate matter, hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide, hazardous air pollutants(toxins) and greenhouse gas (UCS, 2013). The particulate matter are soot and metals whic... ... middle of paper ... ...on April 28, 2014, from United state environmental protection agency. (2013). Six Common Air Pollutants. Retrieved on April 28, 2014, from: United state environmental protection agency. (2014). Consumers and Kids. Retrieved on April 28, 2014, from: United state environmental protection agency. (2014). Mobile Source Air Toxics. Retrieved on April 28, 2014, from: U. S. department of energy. (2014). Energy efficiency and renewable energy: office of transportation and air quality. Retrieved on April 28, 2014, from: World health organization. (2014). Health topic, Air Pollution. Retrieved on April 28, 2014, from:
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