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The technology has developed since the foundation of first the wheel, and this development is five hundred time faster than human being. From time to time, like a wheel, the technology has become better and developed faster. Then, humans started to use the technology and create their civilizations. As they civilized, they began to think of the concept of the freedom and create the governments. This situation shows that the governments has been created thanks to the technology. Therefore, the technology should not be controlled by the government.
To begin with, if a government limits the technological developments, the lack of the development in the medical technology can cause a decrease at the population, and governments’ economic conditions can be badly influenced. Firstly, millions of people can die. People need to use private hospitals for the best opportunities because of the limited technology that their countries’ hospitals have. This issue leads people to pay more money for private hospitals. However, some people cannot afford these hospitals’ price. Besides, these poor people may be left for dead due to this limitation. Also, because of the restricted technology, the government supported hospitals do not have good conditions and enough capacity. People know that the rate of the death in the public hospitals is higher than in the private hospitals so that people may not prefer the public ones. Secondly, as a result of the technology limited by the governments, human rights are not equal between the rich and the poor. That the medication of the foreign countries is better and preferable causes inequality. While rich people can easily travel foreign country for the best medication, poor people have to be treated under the po...

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... by the governments, not only the countries’ medical technology and economic conditions but also the countries’ communication developments and impression are affected badly. People cannot live as they deserve. For these reasons, in these days that the technology is becoming more important and popular, the view of the fact that the governments should control the technology is incorrect.

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