Limitations on Robotic Technology

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Limitations on Robotic Technology Should the progression of robotic technology be limited? Are movies like Terminator foretelling what will happen as the twenty-first century expands its boundaries with robotics? Are robots becoming too smart? Should humans trust robots to learn and act on their own? Can and will robots turn on their masters? In the movie Terminator a robot from the future comes back to forewarn the people that if they do not change the direction that technology is going then the world would be over taken by robots. This android, the Terminator, told the people stories of how robots would become smarter than their masters and overtake them. In an opportunity to rid the world of humans the robots try to exterminate humans from the face of the Earth. The humans have little to no chance of survival because they built the robots to be perfect and very intelligent. Where is the limit on society's safety? In the last two decades of the twentieth century, progress has gone beyond the wildest imagination of almost every inventor or dreamer. Faster and better are the keys for words that society yearns for. The technological age is in full force and robots are in the main stream of this tidal wave. In the movie, Terminator, robots take over the world in their future. Are movies like these foretelling the future of mankind? Some Swiss scientists say that the end may be close (Kelly 1). An autonomous robot that learns from its environment sparked all of this "Armageddon" talk (Kelly 1). The robot learned not to bump into a barrier without any programming of that sort. This may not seem like a big deal, but this is a major breakthrough in this area. Scientist believe that in ten years the technology will... ... middle of paper ... ... all of these problems a limit needs to be set on how far robotic technology can reach. Bibliography: Bibliography Kelly, Patricia. "Swiss Scientists Warn of Robot Armageddon." Sci-tech Story Page. Online. Internet. 20 April 1998. Available: Moukheiber, Zine. "A Hail of Silver Bullets." Forbes Jan 26, 1998: 76-81. Normile, Dennis. "'Robo Cup' Soccer Match is a Challenge for Silicon Rookies." Science September 26, 1997: 1933. Osborn, Jim. "Program Description." Pioneer: Robots for Chernobyl Stabilization. Online. Internet. 20 April 1998. Available: http://www.crones.rec.ri.cmu.edulprojects/pioneer/index.html. Snell, Joel. "Orgasmatrom." Harper's December 1997: 29. Uttal, William R. "Teleoperators." Scientific American December 1989: 124-129.
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