Limitations Of Public Relations

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Public relations involve a lot of majors and works in every day life. A person that decides to study Public relations as his or her major, can join the career in every field related with advertising, marketing, manager, etc. However, sometimes individuals tend to ask, what is public relations? I have been searching and I found three important sources that can explain perfectly what is public relations. Cohen, Heidi. “31 Public Relation Definitions”., Mar. 8 2011. Web. 27 May 2016 In this article, the author talks about thirty-one different definitions for Public Relations. She states that during a conversation about social media or marketing, the individuals tend to have different perspectives about the topic.…show more content…
Also, she was saying that working in PR agencies change your day everyime, this mean that, the schedule is changing every day with meeting, morning coverage of clients, communicating with the media, etc. She pointed out some of the things that PR professionals do regularly. They find journalist that will be able to write about things about the clients. They work with the network almost every time because they have to communicate with their co-workers, clients and professionals. They write pitches and monitor media coverage, which means that, if PR professionals want to have good relation with their clients they must be able to let them know when and where they can be featured. I would say that, working in PR agencies has their pros and cons. One of the pros are that everyday is different, which means you will not get tired of your work, you can participate in fun events and you can interact with many people. On the other hand, this work requires a lot of hours and the fact that you have to interact with different people can be exhausting sometimes. Also, working in PR agencies can cause a lot of
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