Like the Old Days

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Cell phone use has increased rapidly. People are not communicating in the same way most people did before texting. They may call, but rarely have face to face communication. The number of text messages is increasing. According to TIME magazine, in the article, “We Never Talk Anymore: The Problem with Text Messaging,” Kluger stated that from a Pew Institute survey in the year 2000, 14 billion text messages were sent monthly and in 2010 the numbers increased to 188 billion messages sent out monthly. Many will text and use social media to communicate with friends and family rather than talking in person. Communication via text is not good as communicating in person. Communication through text or social media doesn’t compare to communicating in person. It’s better to communicate in person because you get to expand your interpersonal skills (Kluger). After looking for a job and finally getting an interview, the interviewer wants to hear your communication skills. What better way than to practice by talking more face to face than through text? Through text what you do is abbreviate and use many slang words and if you keep practicing your speaking abilities you are more likely to communicate with just about anybody with no problem. Not only verbally but you also get better when writing. The language you speak is your choice, but the more you end up speaking and practicing it the better you get at it and have greater opportunities. Sadly, people who took a survey reported they consider using Facebook or Myspace as a form of interpersonal communication rather than face to face (Kujath). How is having a conversation through social media considered or interpreted as a form of interpersonal communication? The person is behind a computer/mob... ... middle of paper ... ...can with people who text because usually that pushes them away from the real world because they’re not there physically. If we choose to still communicate via text rather than face to face communication we should consider Skyping or Facetime as Kluger suggests. Communicating face to face is better than communicating through text messaging or social media. According to Pea, in Rideout’s studies of 8-18 year olds 66% of the children own their own cell phone and 76% own an iPod. What can these kids possibly end up learning about communicating and expanding their interpersonal skills as well as expressing their feelings? The person’s interpersonal skills will grow and get stronger and benefit the person in the long run. It’s necessary to communicate face to face more often than through messages. You get the chance to express yourself better than through text and emojis.
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