Like Mexicans By Gary Soto Summary

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In the story "Like Mexicans", Gary Soto explains how his grandmother was an influence in his life. She would always give him advice; both good and bad. One of her good advice was that he should marry a woman of a certain race. Soto 's grandmother raised him believing his future wife should be Mexican. She gave him reasons why a Mexican girl would make a great wife. His mother agrees and supports the idea. For years, he was in search of his brown girl. He was infatuated with the idea of finally finding a nice Mexican girl. Later he realizes that his mother wanted him to marry someone of his own social class--a poor girl. But surprisingly, he doesn’t marry a Mexican girl. He married a Japanese girl. He was in love with her. But after seeing his mother and grandmother worry about his decision, he starts…show more content…
He asks his brother and best friend if he should marry a brown girl. He starts overthinking. He is nervous to meet Carolyn 's family. He 's afraid they might not have things in common since they are not the same race. After spending time with her family, Soto is relieved and comes to realize that Carolyn 's family are like Mexicans, only different (Soto 575-578).
While he was growing up, Soto 's most important ideas about girls and marriage were that she had to know how to cook, act like a woman, and had to be Mexican. For starters, Soto notes, "but I would never marry an Okie" (576). His grandmother really influenced him on believing he should not marry a woman if she wasn’t Mexican. His mind was set on the idea that he will live his life with a Mexican wife. He was not open-minded
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