Light Bulb Essay

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Think about where the world would be today if the light bulb was not invented. The way that the world is shaped today is all because of the invention of the light bulb. There are a lot of reasons how the light bulb have influenced America. The light bulb has made things easier from before the light bulb, the people that were involved with this invention, the actual invention and the impact of lifestyle. The light bulb created a path way of light for the future, the world is based around electricity. Life before the light bulb created many situations that would never happen today. In the 1800s the people would carry around lanterns for light, those lanterns were powered by fire. One of the biggest problems for lanterns was that if there was any reason to be left in front of a curtain or dropped a fire would occur, buildings would burn down just because of one lantern. Also the lantern requires to be changed or refilled, which creates an inconvenience. The amount of light that the lantern brought into the room wasn’t that much. People would have to have a couple of lanterns in each room to light up the room a little bit. If you are walking round at night the lanterns is very heavy and if you were the only one it would be a lot to carry if you had anything else with you. The crime without electricity was at an all-time high. Most criminals use the use dark as a sidekick, people can’t see your face and it is easier to get around. Before the light bulb as invented there wasn’t always an easy way to get light or around. Most people think that Thomas Edison was the only one who had invented the light bulb, but he is the one that perfected it. All though there is evidence that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb he was nervous that so... ... middle of paper ... ... at night, that wouldn’t be able to happen because you wouldn’t be able to see where the ball or anyone is going. At night there wouldn’t be any light to see, do homework or even do anything. Today, all of the things people revolve around light and where the light is. If you look at most kids you see their heads down and a light projecting in his or her face. There is always a time of day where someone looks at a TV, computer screen, or a phone, and all these inventions started from the light bulb and electricity. School on a rainy day would be hard to see all the papers, or anything that was. The average work day is nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock at night, without the light to and from work would be make shorter days but more work that has to be put in. The world would function and work differently without the invention of the light bulb.
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