Lifestory: Mr. X A Conscientious Objector

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According to Navin (2013), a conscientious objector is one who is divergent to serving in the armed forces on the grounds of moral and religious resolves. Growing up in a family whose Jehovah Witness faith contributed to their everyday lives, the above concept justifies exactly who Mr. X is. Attending religious conventions with his parents who instilled their beliefs and morals in himself, refusing to be drafted in a war and opting to become a pastor, and eventually falling in love and marrying a women of the same religion comprises most of Mr. X’s history. Mr. X is an English speaking 82 year old, with a high school diploma, and completion of 3 years of missionary school in the United States. With the habit of drinking coffee at every meal, Mr. X is a humble, devoted, and honest man who enjoys speaking of the many moral lessons to be learned in life. Another enjoyment is his son, who has become Mr. X’s main support system, social delight, and means of coping through his circumstance of becoming widowed 3 years ago with the woman he describes as his ‘most loved’. With favoritism towards a blue button up shirt that he wears every other day, Mr. X keeps his beard trimmed and enjoys getting his hair cut short, aiding to his self-esteem. To add, a strength of Mr. X is that he expresses being comfortable with the end of his life that he awaits, as his god has taught him to stay positive and become comfortable with his past, however, perhaps a troubling weakness is his fight against depression as he misses wife and deals with his new life with out her. Born in Wisconsin, Mr. X spent most of his childhood learning and practicing the faith of Jehovah Witness with both his parents and younger brother. Enjoying his faith, he describes a ... ... middle of paper ..., influence was placed on the SN as it was learned that with reverence and compassion, self-satisfaction of caring for Pt.’s will ensue. Evaluating the SN’s assessment of Mr. X, a strength was noted as the SN was able to pick up on body language and identify coping or defense mechanisms. However, a weakness that will be worked on is picking up on key topics for further discussion as the PT expresses them. For example, a missed opportunity, that had to be brought up in the next interaction, was asking the PT why he was depressed when he came forward with feeling such a way. Works Cited Halter, M.J.(2014). Foundations of psychiatric mental health nursing (7th ed). Missouri: Elsevier Inc. (pgs 22-24) Navin, M. (2013). SINCERITY, ACCURACY AND SELECTIVE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION. Journal Of Military Ethics, 12(2), 111-128. doi:10.1080/15027570.2013.818404

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