Life's Too Short

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It started just as any other Tuesday evening would. The commute home was long, the drizzly rain causing less confident drivers to creep along further under the speed limit then necessary. Work had also been long, but unlike the dragging commute, it had been filled with upbeat events. My boss talked to me privately about the possibility of becoming a vice president for the following year. At my young age of 25, this was almost unheard of, but I guess that’s one of the benefits of working for a smaller marketing firm. The idea of it was daunting though, as accepting the position would be committing myself to the company for the long term. While I loved Vision Marketing Inc., I found myself thinking about all of my other interests, things I hadn’t been able to experience because of going to school and getting a job right after graduation. I had so many plans going into college. Traveling to as many countries as possible, visiting all of the National Parks in the United States, maybe working for a smaller company or a nonprofit. But as school went on I started to focus more on the career path I had chosen, and while I was lucky to have landed the job that I did, it had kept me from pursing these interests yet. I consoled myself with the idea that once I had children, I would be able to do all of those things with them, and my successful career would be worth it. My thoughts then turned to my fiancé, Brice, as I turned into the driveway of our brick townhouse. It was a modest townhouse, a good size for a young couple, but recently we had been looking at potential houses to purchase. It was an exciting prospect, and with Brice’s job in the laboratory at Tuft’s Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine, we were in a good financial place fo... ... middle of paper ... ...appier than I could ever have imagined. I still have yet to acquire the symptoms of Huntington’s disease, but I know one day they will come. Until then I’m making the most of everything and living my dreams. I’ve visited half the national parks in the country, and traveled all over Europe with my parents and Brice. I’ve also decided to help others with my disease by participating in studies that are working towards learning more about the disease and finding at least a treatment to delay symptoms. I don’t expect for this to occur in time for me, but it makes me feel better knowing that I will have helped save others in my position. Most of all, I’m living every moment, getting as much time with my loved ones as possible. Life may be too short, but at least I can say that I lived it. Works Cited
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