Lifeguard Case Study

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City of Long Beach Fire Department- Marine Division (May 2001 – Present) The applicant is currently employed as a Non Career Lifeguard for the City of Long Beach Fire Department- Marine Division. Captain Omar Naranjo, the Applicants immediate supervisor, has known the Applicant for five years. Captain Omar Naranjo stated the Applicant was hired as a non-career lifeguard manning a lifeguard tower; however, because of his professionalism, dependability and leadership skills he is current working at headquarters as a dispatcher. The Applicant is described as being level headed and handles himself well under stressful situations. He is dependable and always shows up for work on time and when scheduled. Accepts additional responsibilities when…show more content…
He is described as being mature, confident and professional. The Applicant is level headed, is able to handle stressful situations and still keep calm and focused. He treats everyone with respect and has a caring and calming demeanor. Dana Farquhar stated that the Applicant was a safe cautious driver and while working at Mercy Ambulance, he was never involved in any accidents. Ms. Farquhar stated that working for Long Beach Fire Department has been a long time passion of the Applicants and she supports him in this…show more content…
He described the Applicants work performance as excellent and stated that he was dependable, punctual, and there were no issues concern absenteeism. He was truthful, got along well with his co-workers and treated the public in a caring and professional manner. The Applicant never received a negative evaluation or citizen complaints. Blake Caragon stated he recalled the owner of Mercy Ambulance telling the Applicant that he was being held over on his shift at which time he walked off the job and never returned. Caragon went on to explain that the owner was extremely arrogant and difficult to work for all of the employees to work

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