Life or Something Like It

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”2’, long brown hair, and big blue eyes. It’s hard to place exactly when and where it all happened. So let me just fill you in on how I got where I am today. I met her in the seventh grade for the first time through a mutual friend. From that moment on I had a big crush. We talked on occasion throughout eighth grade up until high school. We hung out a few times and then junior year rolled around and I was asked for a favor. It was my chance to finally get my foot in the door. She asked me to take her to her friend’s high school so that we could eat lunch with her. Of course being the nice guy I was and knowing exactly how I felt about this girl, I jumped on the chance. The day went well and I thought I was on my way. The phone call I got was to help move the same friend’s TV, so once again I took the chance to try to better my position. This time there were other guys there and I felt really out of place. But I did all I could to try and make this situation a little better than the last. We began to talk more and pass notes in the hallway. Then one say she walked into the nurse’s office at school, where I worked during 7th period, and it started once again. I swore to my best friend who worked in there with me, that she was way out of my league and that I had been trying all year to land this girl that I wanted since 7th grade. He told me just to give it a chance and to ask her out. And so risking all I had and acting completely out of my comfort zone I did the impossible and asked her to dinner. We talked, ate, she told me how she had two dates that upcoming weekend which kind pushed me back, but as my friend suggested I worked at it and eventually started to hang out with her regularly. And then the night came where we kissed for the first time, May 28th, 2003. Finally I thought, I finally did it, but since we were a little light minded at the time I didn’t know what her intentions were.
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