Life of Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson was drafted to write the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Soon after, in 1779, Thomas was elected governor, which he served for two years. He suffered an inquiry into his conduct during his last year in office that although finally fully repudiated, left him with a life long pricklishness in the face of criticism.

In 1784, he re-entered public services. First as a trades commissioner and then as Benjamin Franklin’s successor as a minister.
In 1790, he accepted the post of secretary of the state. Then, in 1796, as a presidential candidate of the Republicans, he became vice president after losing to John Adams by three votes.
Four years later, in the election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson and another Republican, Aaron Burr won the majority of the votes. They each had 73 votes.
The House of Representatives were to vote because of this extraordinary tie. They voted thirty five times, each time, it was the same thing, a tie between Jefferson and Burr. Finally, after a long day of stressful decisions and arguing, one man named James Bayard broke the tie and voted for Thomas Jefferson.
He became the third president of our proud United States.
Also he became the first peaceful transfer of power.
Jefferson, with the help of the congress, reshaped the government into Republican goals.
Republicans believed that strength of a nation depended on liberty and land ownership. So Jefferson, with a great deal of trading, offerings, arguing, and purchasing, finally made what is called The Louisiana Purchase.
In 1806, Jefferson began building another house in a popular forest. Through 1807 to 1824, remodeling Monticello was in the process
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