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Stress is by definition, a mental, physical, and emotional expression of unresolved polarity and conflict in the mind, and nervous system. Stress comes from us, not the world. Sometimes stress is inside. Fear and uncertainty, attitudes and perceptions, unrealistic expectations and change result in stress. “The causes of stress are in our everyday life and we may have our ups and downs but stress is either good or bad we all have stress either a lot of a little”(). Causes of stress: work stress, being unhappy in a job , working heavily to much , working long hours , having poor management , and being insecure. Life stress: death of loved one ,divorce ,increase in loss of a job , increase in financial, getting married, moving to a house , chronic illness or injury , emotional problems , taking care of elderly or sick family members , traumatic events such as national.

(Relationships) All people have stress in their lives which can be related to the pressures of a job, finances, marriage or parenting. This can cause problems in marriages or other relationships. Being negative colors the perception in the relationship causing stress . Relationships can cause stress because it takes time/energy and changes in perception in the relationship. Over the past several years Lisa neff and i have documented two specific ways that stressful events occurring outside of a relationship interfere with couples ability to maintain an intimate bond within the relationship. Stress gives couples more difficult issues to resolve, stress diminishes the capacity to resolve their issues effectively.
Physical health , if stress isnt managditcan contribute to health problems like heart disease , obesity , and diabetes. the effect of stress on physi...

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