Life isn't Perfect

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Life isn’t perfect; not even close. Everyone knows it, yet no one can help but dream about that perfect life and tries their best to achieve it, even those of the fictional sort. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck tells of the uncertain journey two life-long friends embark on once their job in the town of Weed is compromised. These two friends, George and Lennie, go through many struggles on their new farm as well, which ultimately results in the crushing of their “dream plan” with no chance of it ever happening after years upon years of planning. Although most of the characters in Of Mice and Men dream of a better life, their journey sadly proves that the ideal of perfect freedom and contentment are not to be found in this world. For example, Lennie and George have been planning on their dream plan for many years. Their plan went like this: “we’re gonna have a little house and a couple a acres an’ a caw and some pigs…” (14), and to ultimately “live off the fatta the land” (14). George has put forth so much effort and dedication towards their future, while Lennie meanwhile continues ...

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