Life is Full of Choices

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All through life the expectation is set to grow up and become an adult who can take care of herself. Each person’s journey to adulthood is unique and different; however, some experiences are shared by all: high school, receiving a driver’s license, first date, first job, and becoming more independent; are all rites of passage in today’s society before one can be considered an adult. The journey to adulthood begins in high school as a frightened freshman. The soul-searching journey begins as new classes, clubs, and opportunities arise. Thus, one’s freshman year is full of firsts of every kind; first time failing a class, first time staying up all night to study, or even the first time sneaking out with friends. Whatever they are the firsts of freshman year have to ability to change a person, whether that is for good or bad is the individual’s choice to make. The next stop in the journey of choices into adulthood is one’s sophomore year. Although not filled with as many firsts as one’s freshman year it is still full of firsts, and new things to be learned. A first as a sophomore might be getting a driver’s license and first car. According to a forum on AutoGeekonline most people cherish their first car and keep it for many years (AutoGeek..). During one’s sophomore year one develops many patterns that will remain, not only for the remainder of high school but into college and beyond. These patterns and habits may include: exercising, eating healthy, and getting home work done early. Developing good habits like these will affect one for the rest of one’s life. As one enters her junior year of the high school journey the mood shifts from fun and games to learning to manage one’s time with homework, extracurricular activities, and i... ... middle of paper ... each moment. The learning experiences and the choices one makes through high school sets one up for either success or failure in the future. However, even if one fails through high school one still has the power, now as an adult, to change the play and become successful through one’s adult life. Works Cited "Auto Geek Online Car Detailing and Car Care Products Discussion Forum. Learn Tips and Tricks on How to Polish, Car Wax, Remove Swirls and More." Auto Geek Online Auto Detailing Forum RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Dec. 2013. Deutsch, Robert. " - Full Activity, Study Schedules Have Many Teens Just Saying No to Jobs." - Full Activity, Study Schedules Have Many Teens Just Saying No to Jobs. USA Today, 07 Apr. 2005. Web. 01 Jan. 2014. Ondrasik, John. "100 Years." Five For Fighting the Battle for Everything. Aware Records LCC, 2003. CD.
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