Life as a Teenager

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Most teenagers in this generation will most likely say that explaining to an adult about what they go through day-to-day would make their hair fall out. Most adults think that teenagers live an easy life, but they really do not. Everybody has a role and a responsibility have to fulfill in lifetime. Meanwhile, not just adults have rough and stressful days. Therefore, being a teenager can be more work than being an adult. Teenagers work extra hard to become somebody that everyone accepts just to fit in. Many adults say, “I was a teenager once, and I understand how you feel,” but they are far from it! Being a teenager can cause someone to have a heart attack. We may not have jobs to support ourselves, but we do wake up five days a week to attend school for a long dreadful eight hours to get an education. Not to mention, the expectations that the school board wants from their students is crazy. It is as if they want every individual to become Einstein’s twin. As if school is not long enough already, we get homework in almost every class that is due the following day. To top it all off, ...
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