Life and Success of Mary Shelley

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Rough Draft Have you heard of the book Frankenstein? I sure you have, in this paper I will share with you the life and the success of the famous author Mary Shelley. I will start with her child hood; Mary had two famous authors for parents William Goodwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. But unfortunately Mary mom died when she was only eleven days old Mary’s dad hired a nanny immediately. The nanny made Mary’s life full of adventures and fun times while the father was distancing from his children. Mary had a half-sister named Fanny. Mary’s father then married his neighbor her name was also Mary.(Mellor Anne K. “ Shelley, Mary (1797-1851) British writers supplement 3 Ed George Stade NY Charle) Mary’s stepmother wanted the best education for Mary. But the tension between them made Mary suffer from skin boils at the age of thirteen. The skin boils soon disappeared when they were separated from each other. Mary’s father sent her away to live at her aunt’s house, she loved being around all her cousins. Throughout Mary’s childhood she never felt truly loved. One day Mary meet a young poet names Percy Bysshe Shelley at the time Percy was married to a nineteen year old but also felled in love with Mary. Then Mary also felled In love with him. On Percy 22nd birthday he took Mary to Europe with him while over there Percy wife drowned Percy and Mary almost immediately got married. They marriage date was December 16 1816, Mary was impregnated a couple times but her babies never made it they were either premature or died in the womb. She had one surviving child that made it through manhood luckily. Sadly throughout Mary six and a half marriage Percy died in 1822 by drowning while sailing In his boat also her h...

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...more. But she didn’t let that get through her love of writing. I wish I can be that strong and brave like Mary. But her book Frankenstein is still popular in modern times movie directors recreate it for movies or for comedy she might be deceased right now but not her most known novel is not it still live through us by our childhood. Mary Shelley died on February 1, 1851 the cause of her death was a brain tumor. Mary Shelley was a legacy for many young women. Mary was known by how strong she was and how she took situations lightly. She also had determination for trying for a baby even though one survived and made it through man hood. Mary Shelley was a one hit wonder by her was only known for her one book “Frankenstein”. But it is still well known today people use her book in many ways to frightening kids and other ways. Mary Shelley was a legacy.
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