Life Pre and Post Industrial Revolution

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Life pre and post of Industrialization Life of people has gone through since the industrial revolution. Lives of people including men, women and children use to be lot different before the revolution and post revolution. The revolution helped certain people in many ways but also there were side effects which were seen in the lives and are seen post revolution. Industrialization has affected many people in particular to the lives of women and men to their way of working. The paper will focus on the different parts of the revolution and more on the life during the agrarian periods, the life post of the industrialization and how in particular affected men and women. Industrialization is known to take place in the 18th and 19th century. In particular, industrialization has been divided into individual years in which the new era due to the affects of revolution was seen in the cities. In an article by Martin Kelly, the industrial revolution was known as to which made a great importance to the economic development of the United States. The first industrial revolution is known to occur in Great Britain and Europe during the 18th century and later then it was more seen in United States and Germany. Martin Kelly described the industrial revolution as, “a change from hand and home production to machine and factory”. We learned through the news article by The Economist, that industrial revolution was divided into more than one revolution in the sense of the inventions. The economist explained that the first revolution was about the invention of machines which were mainly powered through water and steam; this period of revolution lasted from 1760 to 1850. The second part of the revolution invented more advanced technologies as energy and e... ... middle of paper ... ...g of industrialization, the time got little better for women in particular. Even though they still were paid less than what men earned, but were getting better conditions to work in. not just women who were going through the stereotypical world but also children. Children were sent to work with their mother’s and were expected to work with them of the ages 10 and above. The industrial revolution brought changes to not only to the lives of women and children but as society in general. More job opportunities came along on the women side. All the job opportunities such as secretaries, nurses, assistants opened after the industrialization. Women got a better environment to work in, and life did change after the revolution. The standard of living got better as the wages were increased and especially middle class to upper class people were the most of the beneficial.
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