Life On The Island, By Emily Esahani

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How it Became All About Me “Life on the Island” by Emily Esahani is talking about how our society has become more isolated. We have withered ourselves away from the idea of a community. We’ve only been thinking and caring about ourselves, we’ve become individualists. A major thing that is occurring is the loss of traditions. Esahani talks about how us individuals have forgot about our traditions and culture we’ve become more self absorbed. Putting more time into not just yourself but being a part of something and giving back is a fundamental aspect of a natural person. What we are really doing is denying to become more social. In this case we have become individualists who have lost touch with the…show more content…
This is where we can interact with others, get information out, and check out what’s going on around the world. I say check what’s going on around the world because once something big happens for example in Palestine we now a days we see tweets or pictures on what has been happening. Another thing social media has done to make us individualists is meeting others online. Nothing is wrong with it but before social media people went out; others would meet each other by friends, family, or just randomly. Now for some people they will do everything online. In the book “Life on the Island” Esahani states that “At a time when we are more connected digitally than ever before, at a time when we live closer together than ever before, rates of social isolation are rising at alarming rates” (403); We are driving ourselves into social isolation because of the rise of social…show more content…
You’d think, why do people do this? Esahani states “People are focusing on themselves more than they are on others or the world at large” (402); we have lost touch with others and we do this because it is so much easier to type something up. We do this because it is harder for us to now show up in person and chit chat. Chit chatting isn’t the big issue. There are bigger causes of being individualists like less community service, less fundraisers for the needy, fewer hellos and goodbyes, and so on. In conclusion “Life on the island” is about how we’ve been more isolated in the past decades. The reason for this is because of the rise in technology, smart phones, and lack of communication. We are living as islands whose only worries are ourselves. We have forgotten about others and the world at large. We are more into technology then we are with people. There are a lot of small issues that is being caused by individualism and will only grow if we don’t stop being narcissistic
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