Life Management Essay: The Definition Of Time Management

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Time management is a life skill that assists people to work more efficiently in a specific time period by using strategies in order to achieve goals. This essay will introduce the definition of the time management and some suitable strategies for adult learners to put the theory into practice. Lastly, it will also explain the reasons why the skill is essential. Firstly, the limitation of time and the uncertainty of ever-changing life events leave people no ability to control time. According to Pearce: "This moment of time is time is a non-renewable resource. It will never come again. We can not really change time. Once we have used this minutes, this 30 minutes it 's gone. It 's irreplaceable. We can 't save it or store it- we can only spend…show more content…
Initially, clear identification and ranking of major goals in life is fundamental to the actual plan making. Then by breaking down the big-picture goals, more manageable and realistic tasks will be discovered, which can help the progress stay on track and make the major goals more achievable. When it comes to making the schedule, rank the smaller tasks that have just been worked out in the order of their deadlines. Wall planners or dairies are instant reminders that are suitable in various occasions. Different tasks are "mapped out", visualizing the time left for different deadlines and they allow changes to be made in between scheduled tasks. There is never a finalized schedule, as a successful plan is often flexible and can be adjusted by the personal needs, a holiday, or some unknown life events, such as a surprising birthday party for a roommate. Additionally, the ability to refuse and delegation to other people is also essential in order to avoid the unnecessary time expenditures. In brief, time management strategies are all about assigning priority to the most urgent tasks, keeping records of different deadlines, making amends based on your own pace and reducing the unnecessary wasting of time. (Powell, 2000,…show more content…
According to Lucifer (2005) academic and life, events will never get overwhelming, as they have been all sorted out before the due dates. Next, ‘more time ' will be discovered between well-organized tasks, which in turn can result in a less stressful and healthier lifestyle. "You 'll have more time to sleep well, eat right and exercise regularly," says Lucifer (2015). Again, relaxing time will be more enjoyable even if with unfinished works waiting, because there is enough time left in the schedule to get the job done. Families and friends can also get benefit from having a good command of time management skill, owing to the fact that the habit of independence will be cultivated over time, as people gradually get more responsible for taking care of the own life. Furthermore, this skill will be even more crucial when graduates enter the real workforce or society, for the reason that there are harder tasks they have to confront with and accomplish. So, time management skill is very essential. It helps people gain more control over life and study, identify extra time, enjoy the playtime better and prepare them for their

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