Life In Jacob Jankowski's 'Water For Elephants'

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Jacob Jankowski tells his story through his eyes as an elderly adult in the book Water For Elephants. Jacob went through a very tough time in his life in a matter of months, which changed his life in many ways. Jacob loses his parents at the end of his college career, and because of this he just happens to stumble upon a circus by jumping a train. Jacob's life has gone from completely perfect to upside down in a matter of 24 hours. Jacob receives the job as the circus vet, but has to work hard to earn it. During his time in the circus Jacob is pushed around, made fun of, but most importantly, falls in love. Marlena becomes Jacob's focus for the duration of his time with circus, however, Marlena is married to August, a man who is the head of the circus. Jacob and Marlena share a common interest though, Rosie. Rosie is the loveable elephant mentioned throughout the book who is very loyal to both Jacob and Marlena. Needless to say, Jacob has experienced many ups and downs throughout his life, and his children should take the time to listen to his advice and learn the importance out of a...

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