Life Impacts from My College Career

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My college career has had several significant impacts on my life in several personal and professional areas. I feel the most important changes were in my own personal enlightenment and revitalization, spiritual growth, professional maturity, a sense of global awareness and a new sense of creative expression. I had anticipated interesting and insightful courses for my curriculum, as well as diversity in coursework and professors but I did not realize how completely I would embrace the pace and rigor of the classes, how I would immediately use the new information I learned in my own experiences, and how completely inspired I would be to take more risks and not fear change. My college career offered a diverse choice of classes. One of the most intriguing characteristics of my career was that it had been intertwined with a wonderful hodgepodge of student learners and a diverse population of students and professors full of varied talents and strengths. This experience was truly inspiring. I began my college career during the “old school” days without internet and being employed fu...

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