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Everyone has a story and we all have our own journey. I am the first born of four children. I live with both my mother and father. Even though I grew up with strong morals, I still strayed away. My parents pulled me out of school in the beginning of the second semester of ninth grade because I was hanging out with the wrong people and doing the wrong things. That may have seemed like a good idea at the time but it only made me rebel even more. After my parents pulled me out of school, I didn’t continue my education. The last grade I completed was 8th grade. By the end of what would be twelfth grade if I had stayed in school, I was living with this guy that talked me into escorting. Pills were the only thing that kept me going during that time. My parents sent me to a rehab in Delray Beach, Florida on September 9th, 2013. I stayed in treatment for forty-five days. I decided to stay in Florida and live in a halfway house after I got out of rehab. After about two weeks of living in a halfway house, I ended up relapsing. I was on the streets and in and out of crack houses for about a month. This was one of the roughest times of my life. When I finally had had enough, I got on a plane and came back home to Arlington, Texas. Getting my life on track had to be my first priority. I had to change the people I hung out with, the places I went to, and the things I do today. I have chosen to be a therapist at a drug/alcohol rehab center because I wouldn’t have made it back if it wasn’t for my therapist at the treatment center I went to. I want to help people with their drug addiction just like the amazing people that gave me a foundation and helped me start in my recovery over drug addiction. My goal is to get through my basics at TCC and th... ... middle of paper ... ...anything. Actually getting a degree instead of working for minimum wage for the rest of my life will be a huge accomplishment. I didn’t want to do anything with my life until about 4 months ago. Completing my basics at TCC, going to a four year college to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, and finally having a career in a field that I love are the goals for my dream. I was lost in my drug addiction for so long. I am not one for putting effort into anything I do. I always end up giving up. This time it is different. I am actually excited for what my future has to offer me. I am willing to put the effort into it. It’s going to be hard but it will definitely be worth it. Today, I have one hundred and twelve days clean from all drugs and alcohol. I am a completely different person than I was four months ago. If I can stop using drugs, I can do anything I put my mind to.

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