Life Expectancy in Japan and Sweden

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Japan and Sweden have rather long life expectancy rates within their countries. The life expectancy in Japan in 2013 was 84.19 and in Sweden, it was 81.28. The life expectancy in the United States was 78.62. (, 2014) Why is it so much longer in Japan and Sweden? Better health care, healthier and lifestyles are both contributors to why. Japanese people eat healthier than Americans do. Fish is the prime meat in Japan. Fish is lower in cholesterol than red meat, which tends to be the prime choice in the United States. Japanese people tend to eat less dairy than Americans do. Milk has a high number of calories and fat it. Rice is a common staple in Japan. It is filling and low in fat. Americans use rice but potatoes and pasta are also common staples in the United States. The Japanese eat a lot of soy i.e. tofu and sprouts. Soy lowers blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of heart disease. (Koichi, 2010) Japanese people are active. They stand rather than sit. They walk or bike to their destinations. American’s are more prone to taking transportation on a reg...

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