Life Expectancy Essay

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Life expectancy statistically measures the average time an individual can be expected to live. In recent years, a significant increase in global life expectancy has been widely observed according to World Health Organization (WHO) data. However, the developing world has struggled with a short lifespan. In South Africa, inhabitants are only expected to live up to 62 years, 22 years lower than the Japanese average age. The reasons for this issue might lie on poor heath provision. This essay will analyze two optimal measurements to tackle with low life expectancy in South Africa. The high mortality rate in South Africa has resulted from the poor national healthcare services. Annual reports from WHO shows that millions of African fatalities caused…show more content…
Firstly, for purposes of disease prevention, routine immunization coverage should be stimulated. Creating effective educational campaigns can promote public awareness about benefits of vaccination. In metropolitans, mass media communication could play a significant role in delivering certain healthcare messages. However, in rural and remote areas, regular meetings with health staff should be conducted because inhabitants are less responsive to television and the Internet. Besides, national vaccination programs with the involvement of international organizations might be another possible solution. The worldwide well-qualified healthcare professionals can participate in making the strategic plans while agencies such as WHO can share the financial burden of purchasing medicine. Furthermore, the intervention of volunteers is necessary for a large-scale campaign. The work of Uzicanin et al. (2002) reveals that during the period 1996 – 1997, there was a successful mass measles vaccination campaign, which covered approximately 85% of all children aged from 9 months to 14 years in nine provinces. It is the cooperation among government, WHO, and UNICEF (United Nations Children 's Fund) which determines this achievement. Nevertheless, carrying this kind of vaccination programs several times in one year seems to be impossible because of its requirements in preparing

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