Life During the Holocaust

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Approximately six million Jews were systematically murdered during the holocaust, including babies, children, and adults. It was a terrible time of racism toward jews, and basically any individual that was not German or of the German descent. Jews were discriminated and bullied by most German citizens. Many people didn’t realize what the Nazis were doing because they believed all of the lies that the government had been feeding them. This made German citizens turn a blind eye to the discrimination toward Jewish citizens. It began with discrimination that progressively worsened, Jews were then forced to move into overcrowded ghettos, and methodically shipped off to the barbarous concentration camps (“Jewish Life during the Holocaust”). Life during the holocaust was a brutal time for the world, but most importantly for all of the Jews in Germany.
Jewish individuals were continually discriminated and bullied by Nazis. Using propaganda and other forms of persuasion, they turned Germans against Jews. “Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, the Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans” (“Nazi Propaganda and Censorship”). Jewish life was beginning to be completely controlled by the Nazis, and Germans who believed in all of the Nazi propaganda. Propaganda was a leading cause to Jewish discrimination. Propaganda not only tricked Germans, but it also fooled Jews.
After the continuous discrimination, Jews were forced to move to, and then live and work in treacherous ghettos. Living conditions in the ghettos were horrible. They were extremely overcrowded. Not only was crowding a problem, but there was also no sewage system (“Conditio...

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