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Everybody has a moment or two in their life that they will remember forever in perfect detail. For me the moments that I will remember for as long as I live are the times when, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and tore my anterior cruciate ligament, or better known as ACL. The first life changing moment I had was when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract that looks like little canker sores in your intestines. Unfortunately Crohn’s disease has no cure, but the symptoms can be treated. The symptoms of Crohn’s disease are mild or severe pain in the abdomen, joints, lower abdomen, or rectum, abdominal cramping or tenderness, and blood in stool. For me the…show more content…
I can still remember how it happened, and what it felt like when it happened. Like many people I tore my ACL playing football, I was playing pickup football with friends and someone from behind picked my up and tried to throw me to the ground but, I was able to get my leg down to stand, then he tried it again and was able to get my leg down but my leg twisted and made a popping, and cracking sound, then next thing I knew I fell to the ground. At first I thought I cracked my knee, just like people crack their knuckles, I was getting rid of the air pockets between the bones. My friend asks me if I was alright, and I said I was fine and he helped me up, but then my right leg gives out and I fall down to the ground. And that is when I knew something was wrong, but all this time it was not painful, it only felt like I sprained my ankle. So I hopped off to the side of the field and waited for the game to be over and my friend drove me home. Then immediately when I got home like I do with all my other injuries I put it in a bucket of ice to reduce the swelling, and then went to bed to get ready for school in the morning. Then I wake up and go to the bathroom to take a shower and I already have one leg in and has I go to the get the other leg in I realize I cannot bend my leg to get it in the shower, I even had to call my mom to help me, but just could not bend it without it causing a huge amount of pain. So next thing I know I am getting yelled at by my mom for getting injured, and then after she is done she makes an appointment with Doctor Oliver, a very good orthopedic surgeon to see what happened to my knee. So at my appointment the doctor does some test and thinks I tore my ACL, buts need to do a MRI to be certain. And I do not know if you have ever had to do an MRI, but it is very boring to do. You have to lay perfectly still for about thirty to forty minutes, and laying there for that long

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