Life Changing Experience: When She Flirted with Him

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One moment could have changed my life forever. Everything I had or hadn't done, said or hadn't said ultimately was a big factor in what happened the moment my heart truly skipped a beat. For I knew that in that moment, I had to stand helplessly by while I let him take his course meanwhile praying that the time that we had spent together had earned me a special place in his heart. I prayed that I'd shown him just how much he spoke to my heart and that my heart had spoken to him in some way. We all face this moment in some point in our lives. Whether we now look back at this moment as a regret that is gone but never forgotten or can still remember that sigh of relief knowing that things had gone the way that we had hoped, only we know in our hearts. To love or not to love, is the single most important decision any person can make in their lives. That moment for me came in the form of a man named Marco. As I look back on it now, he was both a blessing and a curse. At the time, however, I simply remember seeing him as a curse on that cold winter night. The restaurant was nearly empty with the exception of one table and a man sitting at the bar. It was Saturday evening and he had grown tired of sitting alone in his apartment and had come to visit just as he always had. I greeted him with a smile, a kiss and I embraced him as I lead him to the bar stool that was the closest to the waitress station. He was always a welcome sight not to mention that every time he entered the room he still made my heart skip a beat or two. Though it sometimes made me feel like a silly school girl, I delighted in the fact that I hadn't felt that way about somebody in a longtime. We carried on just as we had always done. Marco sat at the counter drinking ... ... middle of paper ... ...fraid of what consequences might come from not following my heart, I forced myself to find the courage to go after what was already right in front of me. That was then; I finally decided to let him know what I had felt for a long time, that I loved him. Surprisingly, he felt the same as for what I felt for him. Since that night, Marco and I have been in a relationship for two years and it’s been amazing. One thing, however, will never change. When it comes to Marco, I always follow by heart and have grown afraid not to follow it. Though we still joke about that night, I still know in the back of my mind that this single moment could have gone another way and that someone else could have married the man that I never knew that I always wanted. Still not quite sure how I have come to be here, with him, living this life that I am blessed to have and forever grateful.

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