Life Change on the Home Front

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Life Change on the Home Front

During the First World War, Britain had to change and adapt to a new

way of living. Many of those changes have lasted until today, but a

lot of them reverted back after the war finished. Some of these new

conditions improved civilian life and others downgraded it. The war

brought people together and divided them too.

At the beginning of August 1914 the British population were

enthusiastic and excited. Everybody believed the war would be over by

Christmas with a magnificent victory for the allies. The population

had been convinced that this would be a modern war and would last

maybe only months with minimum casualties. However, Britain had

recently come out of two wars, the Boer and the Balkans, and people

did have their doubts about whether we should really be entering a new

war with a depleted army. These worries were soon forgotten it seems,

as thousands of men were eager to sign up to the army. The main

opposition to the War were the Conshies, or conscientious objectors,

such as the Quakers, who were well known for the pacifist beliefs.

Also the socialists, whom many of were the working class, believed

that this war would not benefit them whatsoever and refused to fight.

The government needed to suppress these doubts and keep the support of

the people back on the home front. It was important to make sure the

morale was high to prevent protests and rioting. Also it helped to

make the soldiers feel supported and that they were fighting a just

cause. A means of doing this was by propaganda and censorship.

The government made posters and leaflets that made the allies seem

like the best side and that the enemy were evil and incompetent. This

made the public feel like we were winning the war, and that there were

not many British casualties, however, the troops did not approve of

many of the stories that the press told as they were not telling the

truth and knew that they were misinforming their families about the

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