Life As I Know It

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Life as I know it. Life has become more than the notion that I had of it as a kid, the directness of the things we face have become exactly what our parents tried to tell us about, if not more. I can clearly hear my father saying, “Wait until you have children of your own, then you will see”. It was almost overnight that I became a mother, wife, caregiver, and a college student. Sometimes I yearn for simpler days, but most days I wouldn’t change it for the world. I simply receive it as a blessing that God has thought so much of me to place this purpose in my life. Through all of life’s challenges, we should still take time to appreciate the small things, that truly make life worth living. When I was younger I would dream of having the perfect husband, with the perfect marriage, and the perfect children, I dreamt that life would be all sunshine and roses, was I in for the shock of my life. Maintaining a marriage and raising kids are both difficult tasks, but I honestly believe that they both equally qualify as some of God’s greatest gifts. Marriage is ordained by God, being one ...
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