Life And Childhood Values In The Life Of Fredrick Douglass

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Fredrick Douglass, along with many other African Americans, was born into slavery. He was separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, as an infant. Harriet died when Douglass was seven years old. Douglass knows that his father was a white man, but he does not know if it was his master. He is also unaware of his age because his master would not allow him to know. However, in 1835, Fredrick heard his owner say that he was around seventeen years old, which made him twenty-seven or twenty-eight when he began writing his narrative. Most of the masters preferred that their slaves not have any education and stay ignorant. They would say this because if their slaves were educated, then they would find a way to escape. Fredrick received his first educational…show more content…
He married because a man of high legal secure should have a wife and having a house in the city filled with highbrow trappings was a must for a man of high cultured aristocrat. His values in life were to maintain the ideal aristocratic lifestyle. Ilyich and his family members do not share the same values. Some of them are very selfish and do not care about anything but themselves, as the others are more open to ideas and show that they can support one another. Both Gerasim and Ilyich had pleasant childhood memories. By presenting the funeral at the beginning of the story, foreshadows what is to come. Putting Ilyich’s death first prepares the readers for what they are about to read, the hardship that Ilyich fought. Ivanovich and Ilyich’s widow sit down and began to discuss Ilyich’s death. They discuss the day of his death along with the day that his funeral is planned. Ilyich was friends of three fellows, all of which couldn’t agree on what his disease was. However, they did react to Ilyich’s death by thinking what promotions they could receive off of it. Ilyich compares them to himself because they too adopt the values of aristocratic society instead of trying to discover life’s meaningful beauty. Ilyich’s wife has a self-interested and fake attitude towards

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