Life And Childhood In The Life Of Mark Twain's Life

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Writers of great intelligence often have many different works for which they are famous for. Throughout life, some specific moments in one’s life can be more impactful than others when someone decides on a future career. For authors, what may seem more often than not, their works are written because of an inspiration from something that happened during the author’s lifetime. That moment could be a personal achievement, a passionate belief of theirs in history (such as slavery or woman’s suffrage), or even a devastating loss of a family member. An author’s childhood roots from where they come from can often help paint the setting in their works. Mark Twain was no exception. Mark Twain wrote many exemplary novels throughout his life, many…show more content…
Mark Twain wrote under a “pen name”, also known as an alias, which is a fake name. Twain, born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens, came into the world November 30, 1835 to Jane and John Clemens in a minute town located in northeast Missouri. At a young age in Mark Twain’s life, his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. Hannibal was a somewhat neighboring town, which later came as a big influence on Mark Twain’s life. John Clemens, Twain’s father, often struggled financially, failing to put food on the table for his family even while holding a wide variety of jobs from storekeeper to law enforcement as a lawyer and judge. Through legend, Mark Twain’s parents could not have been more in contrast, with his mother being known as loving and outgoing and his father described as a bitter, unhappy man. After a very unexpected death of John Clemens, Twain’s mother was forced to run the Clemens’s household. The family life of a young person might often reflect what that person’s behavior may be like in their future.

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