Life After Divorce

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Do you ever plan on getting married one day in the near future? Most will answer yes, well if you do it wouldn’t hurt you to know that the divorce rate is over 50 %! Marriage, sacred by religion and respected by older generations, doesn’t always last forever, within the last fifty years the divorce rate has increased by more than half of all marriages ending in divorce. There is many factors as to why two people divorce and its effects on the adults and children in the family. In my opinion the top three effects of divorce are former lovers losing feelings, economic troubles, and love issues. Many people do not see the massive effects that a large divorce rate can have on the economy on children’s life’s and the past spouse .I believe that if people did not rush into marriage and gained a better understanding and appreciation for life-long commitment then the divorce rate would decrease to below 50 %.One of the major effects is how the children will be affected.
When two people get married and divorced, it is by no means good and is very bad. But the only people that are affected in this situation are the two people that married .But most people start a family as soon as they get married. And if they get divorced after starting the family then the children will be hurt when the divorce happens it’s just unnecessary suffering for the child who is the least guilty.” There are several studies that show that in-tact family kids are less inclined to drug use”( Fagan ) . ii. “The research shows that it permanently weakens the relationship between a child and his parents and leads to destructive ways of handling conflict and a poorer self-image”(Fagan) .“First, children who grow up in an intact, two-parent family with both biological pa...

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