Libertarianism And Utilitarianism

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Amanda Joy PHI 100 Robert King Prelim #2 1) In this statement, “Any just society must ensure that whatever the property ownership arrangement in that society, they enable all people to meet their needs,” both the libertarianism and utilitarianism reject this egalitarian criterion of a just society. The libertarians would reject this claim due to the fact that they feel that a just society needs to protect the liberty and freedom of each individual to pursue his or her end desires. The Libertarian view requires them to be free to choose their own ends and free to pursue them without interference from others. Libertarians feel strongly that each person should have the same freedom to pursue his chosen ends and that each person is obligated to hold back from interfering with others in their freedom to pursue their ends. This is necessary to protect each individual's freedom. The Libertarians feel that having certain rights, which protect his or her liberty, are necessary to pursue a beautiful kind of life. Libertarians have three main requirements: life, liberty, and property. Property, in their opinion does not mean only real estate; it includes anything that you can declare your own. Property can include clothing, your car, your jewelry, your books and papers. The right of property is not the right to take it from others; this would interfere with their property rights. It is rather the right to work for it, to obtain non-coercively the money or services which you can present in voluntary exchanges. For example, depriving people of property is depriving them of the means by which they live, the freedom of the individual citizen to do what he wishes with his own life and to plan for the future. Without the right to prop... ... middle of paper ... ...egalitarian theory of justice? The main idea behind his theory is that all social primary goods of liberty and opportunity, income and wealth, must be distributed equally. The egalitarian way of thinking is simply that any situation must be equal, equally talented, equally motivated and therefore have equal life prospects. It requires a society that believes and lives by equality and more respect. That is exactly what Rawls has been attempting to demonstrate by using the veil of ignorance, the thought-experiment. All of these factors were demonstrating a main principle that Rawls wants people to seek the right to utilize their own talents without being worried about what others are going to think or feel about them; either they are good or bad. Rawls is suggesting that this is done by sharing one another’s fate, by doing this it will create a more equal society.
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