Libertarian Party Research Paper

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Joe Woltering 3/17/2014
Mr. Viggiano Period 7

Political Parties

Since the beginning of the America, there has always been some sort of political party that represents certain ideology and beliefs. A political party is made up of supporters and politicians that share common goals and work together to elect people which they promote to hold office. The original political parties, federalists and anti-federalists, arose when the Constitution was first surfacing. Following the War of 1812, the federalist party was disbanded along with the anti-federalists becoming the Democratic Republicans. A split began to occur and those who supported Andrew Jackson's agenda were known as Democrats, while the opposition were known as the Whigs. They too, were eventually disbanded as a party over their views on slavery which led to the creation of the Republican party. This brings us to present day America with two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans. While the country is mainly led by those two parties on a federal level, most local governments give an opportunity to allow third parties to hold office like the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party. Each party offers different views and holds the power of representing its members' ideologies.
The Libertarian Party was founded 42 years ago on December 11th, 1971. It keeps tabs on a constrained government, the privileges of the singular ruling class over the general population, and a free market economy. Libertarianism without a doubt keeps tabs on independence. Indeed, the Libertarians were basically traditional Liberals that part from the old Liberals because of the general idea that development towards less government to guarantee fairness of pro...

... middle of paper ... up of supporters and legislators that impart regular objectives and cooperate to choose individuals which they elevate to hold office. In present day America with two major party's, the Democrats and Republicans, the nation is basically led by those two parties on a national/federal level. Most local governments give a chance to third party's to hold office like the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party. Each party offers diverse perspectives and holds the force of speaking to its members' philosophies.
Parties are an integral feature in the American government and are completely necessary in order to properly organize a group of people with similar beliefs. Without them the large number of voters who make up the new electorate might have turned into a complicated swarm unable to plan their points or maintain level headed discussion that is vital to their cause.
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