Liberals at odds

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This essay will analyze utilitarianism. James Mill and John Stuart Mill argue for utilitarianism as the correct means for liberalism to prosper. Though other philosophers, such as T.H. Green, disagree with utilitarianism as the correct means to allow liberalism to prosper. First one must have a definition of utilitarianism in order to argue for or against it. Andrew Heywood defines utilitarianism as a moral philosophy that assumes individuals act in a way to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Heywood’s definition represents the commonly held definition of utilitarianism. An overarching issue with all of these philosophers whether for or against utilitarianism is there assumption of what an individual wants or needs to be successful. This essay will compare and contrast the philosophies for and against utilitarianism to portray the flaw in the entirety of their argument as to why an individual reaches success. James Mill and his son J.S. Mill both argue that an individual seeks self-interest, but they disagree on what the government’s role should be to help individuals reach their self-interest. Mill senior argues that men inherently seek out their own fortune and in the instance that one man has power over another the one in power will sabotage the other to further pursue his own interests. This argument says that people are inherently evil and greedy for prosperity. The means by which prosperity is ascertained are the utilities. These utilities can be land, power, money, knowledge, or anything that gives the individual a step up. In reference to the leading force then is “the benefits of the Representative system are lost, in all cases in which the interests of the choosing body are not the same with those of the community.... ... middle of paper ... ...itical Islam in Malaysia." Ed. Anthony Reid and Michael Gilsenan. Islamic Legitamacy in a Plural Asia. London and New York: Routledge, 2008. 167-87. Print. Phillips, Marianne. "Civic or Civil Contingencies? Regulating Television and Society in Singapore." Ed. Philip Kitley. Television, Regulation and Civil Society in Asia. By David Birch. London and New York: Routledge, 2002. 115-29. Print. Zook, Darren. "Lee Kuan Yew: Architect of Singapore." Lecture Eight. McCone Hall, Berkeley. 19-26 Feb. 2014. Lecture. Zook, Darren. "Politics in Malaysia: Islam, the Internet, and Institutons." Lecture Six. McCone Hall, Berkeley. 10 Feb. 2014. Lecture. Zook, Darren. "Politics in Malaysia: Mahathir and Beyond." Lecture Four. McCone Hall, Berkeley. 3-5 Feb. 2014. Lecture. Zook, Darren. "The Return of Anwar Ibrahim." Lecture Seven. McCone Hall, Berkeley. 12 Feb. 2014. Lecture.

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