Liberalism And Modern Conservatism

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There are many political views in society in which people have different opinions and standing points. In modern liberalism and modern conservatism both have different ways which affect society and have made its contribution to the world. Both of modern and liberal conservatism have distinct matters in how they view political and life matters. While some think that conservatism is better than liberalism, that isn’t always the case.

To start off, modern liberalism focuses more on the freedom of the individual. For example, liberals tend to support gay and abortion rights (Guide pg. 23), because the ideal is that as a human being, a person has the right to their own decision. Compared to modern conservatism which want more regulations and laws
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Modern Conservatism are those who favor a certain status quo and regulations to revolve around laws and tradition (Guide pg. 23). For example, conservatives are more likely to orient themselves with moral choices rather than individual choices. For example, Conservatism is a more centralized focus form of society. Rather than expecting the government to solve most issues, conservatism believes that everyone can contribute in solving problems. For example, conservatism believes that abortion is taboo. It is said that it goes against the word of God. Conservatives accept modern democracy and civil rights but tend to oppose quotas and affirmative action (PP Modern C.). In foreign policy, conservatives tend to favor strict definitions of national security before supporting military intervention. Conservatism has emerged after World War II and only became a political force in the 1960s. On another point, there are couple main components about how society should run according to conservative regulations; which are following tradition and order, law and the ruling under God (PP. Modern Conservatism). Conservatism is based on the idea that society as a whole should follow a strict way of living. Still, confronted with a choice of more security or improve liberty, conservatives will usually opt for more liberty. Conservatism is based on the belief that it is crucial to have a legal system that…show more content…
While conservatives want to keep the constitution the way it is. Modern liberals support a large government that provides benefits to people who normally wouldn 't have; like health care and extra assistance. In addition, they tend to support most amendments like gun control, due to process of law or right to a fair trial. On the other hand, conservatives support a limited government that only provides necessary things like schools. Although, with alI the good things that liberalist defend for, I also think there should be a measure into how much of liberty a certain right should have. That is mostly because equality doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should have the same things but more of a moderation type of measure towards everyone. While one is more restricted than another, I think it would be hard for a whole country to just stand on just one ideal for a long period of time. Because, since most of the country has already been exposed to both, most would prefer to have more of a liberal life style because people feel that they are entitled to do so. As I stated before, democrats are liberal and stand for people 's individual rights and republicans stand for a conservative government (Guide pg. 23) Both are structured differently in which effects society as whole. In my opinion, a liberalist idea does have its pros and cons. Although, I do like the idea of
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