Liberal Education Advantages

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A liberal arts education is very important because it gives students the opportunity to think critically, hence making them creative human beings. In the United States liberal education is now seen as a waste of time because it doesn’t train students for their future careers. That is a dangerous way to look at a liberal arts education because according to Fareed Zakaria in his book In Defense of a Liberal Education there are many advantages such an education can offer students. A liberal arts education offers many valuable skills to a student. It Allows students to not only learn about themselves but also learn about their ability to make a contribution to this world.
Many people believe around the world as well as in America that a liberal arts education is a waste of time. One of the reasons they believe this is because we are in a time where technology has taken over the world. We now have many social media outlets, touch screen phones that get progressively advanced, smart cars, etc. What people seem to forget in that process is an idea that a person had became
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So how does education and government affect one another? The rulers of Ancient Greece knew that in order to run a democracy you need to have educated citizens so that the democracy will run according to what the people want. Zakaria explains, “The link between a broad education and liberty became more important to the Greeks.”(Zakaria 42) This is why they stressed the importance of philosophy in their education and it is why we learn subjects similar in a liberal arts education. The United States is also a democracy; its power comes from the citizens. When we are taught about history in Liberal arts students begin to think critically about what should be fixed in our government. A liberal education provides us with tools to become active citizens, politicians, and lawyers in a democratic
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