Liberal Art is Essential to Success in the Professinal World

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Liberal art is essential to success in the professional world. It is built on the idea that a person needs the understanding of ethics, sciences, and arts. As a marketing major understanding people is an important ability for marketers to obtain. Marketing deals significantly with different types of people around the world. Not everyone in the world is the same, liberal arts offers courses that help open the public’s mind and make them aware of their different surroundings. Attending a Liberal Arts College such as Quincy University provides the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and can promote open mindedness. Ethics is an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior (Webster Dictionary). Making it an important course to take to acquire morals for the business world. Obtaining knowledge of different people is important for a business major.

Taking general liberal art courses such as sociology and psychology are vital when pursuing a Marketing Degree. Accustomed in living in the fast paced city of Chicago it was interesting to live in different parts of the country and learn about different lifestyles. Attending community college in a suburb of Chicago presented the opportunity to meet different people. Not only people from the city of Chicago but people from the Chicago land area as a whole. It was interesting to learn how their lives growing up in a suburb were different from mine. Transferring to New York and living twenty minutes away from the city was a huge cultural change. By just attending a semester in New York, it was captivating meeting people from all over the country. After living in New York the interest as a business major cultivated. Attending a couple of liberal arts classes for instance economics and philosophy, the curiosity in learning about different people grew. After a knee injury playing soccer and not being able to play anymore I was obligated to search for another school closer to Chicago. Taking in consideration a major in business, a move to Quincy was a wise choice for various reasons. One of the reasons being that Quincy is a rural area and being curious to learn how people in this town live. Being accustomed to live in big cities living in Quincy was challenging at first.

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