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" Hey, your eyes are open! How you doin sir." The paramedic yelled over the screaming sound of the ambulance with his hand cupped around my ear for clarity. I lie on a Gurney, an oxygen mask resting next to me. Red and white lights flashed ominously through the windows. His worried green eyes stared into me. " What happened to me? " I said. The E.M.T. shook his head and spoke. " Can you repeat that real slow sir. " He took his hand from around my ear and put his ear next to my mouth. " What happened to me? " " You had an epileptic seizure. You’re going to be fine." My mind turned over like a starter. Talk was painful but I forced it out, " I'm trying to remember my name, do you know it? ” I repeated this a couple of times until he understood me. " No, but that’s all right, just kick-back okay." The EMT yelled. I tried to go back to sleep but a blood taste lingered in my mouth and bothered me until I finally dozed off. The gurneys legs poped to attention downward while I was pulled out of the ambulance and back to consciousness. Two technicians pushed me into the emergency entrance of the hospital. The glare of the lights hurt my eyes and the attendants and nurse moved me off the cart and into a bed. " My name is Amanda can you understand me? " The nurse said. " What happened to me, " I plead. "I mean, do you know who I am? " She bent her head down close to my ear and asked me to repeat the question slowly. Nodding her head she said, " Hon, you had an epileptic seizure. Your boss followed you down here to give you a ride home when you are released. Andy, Andy Hall is your name. Lay here and sleep until the doctor gets to you. Let me fluff that pillow. " " Andy Hall, " I repeated the name agai... ... middle of paper ... ...e called her about the siezure. " Any calls today? " I held my breath for her answer. " Just my mother, that woman can talk forever about nothing, can you believe it. " Pressure off for the moment I went into the dark front room and unplugged the phone. I walked back to the kitchen and said. " You know babe I'm tired and think I'll just hit the sack. " " What about all this wonderful food I bought? " She said with dissapointment in her voice. " I'm sorry honey but, I am beat. " She gave me and inquisitive stare as she strode over to me. " Here let me feel you’re forehead? " She reached over and put her palm on me and I felt her softness against my skin and closed my eyes. " You are a little warm, let me help you into bed darling. " We both walked into our bedroom with her helping me undress and get into bed. I went to sleep almost instantly.
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