Li Fi Technology: A Visible Light Communication

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At the time of using wireless internet at any place whether it is own or stealing from others, one has probably gotten frustrated because of slow speed of internet when more devices are connected to a single router. Due to increasing of internet users exponentially, Radio Spectrum is congested but the demand for wireless data double each year. Dr. Harald Haas has come up with a solution for this he calls “Data through illumination”. Light Fidelity is a new class of high intensity light source of solid state design bringing clean lighting solutions to general and specialty lighting. Li-Fi is now part of the VLC as is implemented using white LED light bulbs. Data transmission takes place from this LED bulb by vary the current at extremely high speeds which undetectable by the human eye.
Dr. Harald Haas was coined the term Li-Fi and also promoted Li-Fi in his 2011 TED Global talk by giving demonstration of an LED bulb to transmit a video with the speed more than 10Mbps. In simple terms, Li-Fi can be thought of as a Wi-Fi based on light as it uses light instead of radio waves to transmit information. Instead of Wi-Fi modems or routers, Li-Fi uses transceiver-fitted LED lamps that can be used as a light or for transmission of the data.
This technology uses a visible spectrum and has not major ill effect as we know that the light is very much part of our lives. Moreover in this spectrum 10,000 times more space is available and it also multiplies to 10,000 times more availability as a light bulb available already.
The figure-1 shows the environment with the Li-Fi technology where light bulbs are used as communication medium.

Figure 1: Environment with LI FI Technology
Li-Fi is implemented using...

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...n be put into practical use, every bulb used to transmit a data and will lead toward the cleaner, greener, safer and brighter future. Li-Fi may solve issues such as the shortage of radio-frequency bandwidth and is aimed at creating new communication channel with the use of existing equipment. The concept of Li-Fi is currently attracting a great deal of interest, not least because it may offer a genuine and very efficient alternative to radio-based wireless.

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