Lewis Carroll And His Illustrators

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Lewis Carroll and His Illustrators
In Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, Carroll bases his novel off his own experiences. He became interested in his younger friends and used his photography skills to create art (Mallardi 549). Carroll’s photography drifted away from what the ideal images were of the 1850’s and “rejected the image of the “little adult” popularized by Victorian iconography” (Mallardi 550). There are many different theories that have been concluded about Carroll’s novel based on extensive research and analysis such as theories from Sigmund Freud and Carroll’s background story. Although many ideas have been determined about Carroll, there is no doubt that Carroll chose illustrators such as John Tenniel to create the characters that he imagined. He would choose children from his life and use specific characteristics from each one to create his characters in Alice in Wonderland (de Rooy). Lewis Carroll created a children’s story based off many different ideas from history and was able to choose one of the best illustrators to take his own ideas and transform them into art work.
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, more commonly known as famous children’s writer Lewis Carroll, was born in an old parsonage in Daresbury, Cheshire. He had three brothers and seven sisters whom he was very protective of. As a child it was obvious that Dodgson loved entertaining his siblings and telling them stories. His father was a well-known scholar who excelled in mathematics. To follow his father’s footsteps, Charles obtained a first class degree in mathematics. Dodgson was very fond of younger girls, not boys. He loved their company and telling them stories. His friend Alice Liddell was his favorite friend and gave him the inspiration of Al...

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... when eight pictures were colored in (de Rooy).
Although there are many theories that have been established, no one will ever really know, for sure, what was going on in Lewis Carroll’s mind when writing his book. There are facts from the novel indicating Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theories as well as people saying that Carroll got his ideas from his life experiences. It is said that he was very interested in little girls and children, which can be a leading factor in writing Alice in Wonderland. Whatever theories and rumors people decide to believe is what will help them form their opinions on Carroll’s novel. Not only will they be able to form an opinion on the novel, but also they will arrange an attitude on Lewis Carroll himself. Questions such as “Was he crazy?” or “Is this book about drugs?” can clearly be answered after the book is analyzed and evaluated.
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