Leveraging Mobile Device Applications for Boeing Travel and Expense Services

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Abstract—More companies are leveraging mobile device applications that integrate with their existing travel and expense systems to provide frequent business travelers with the necessary tools to efficiently book trips and expense their expenditures using mobile devices, thus allowing business travelers to be more productive, which saves the company money. Currently, almost twenty-three thousand Boeing employees have been issued BlackBerry Smartphones. Ninety-percent of these employees make more than one trip per month. Currently, Boeing is not maximizing the use of the BlackBerry Smartphones by using a mobile application for Boeing Travel and Expense management to decrease costs by allowing employees to be more productive. Since twenty-three thousand employees already have been issued BlackBerry Smartphones we can leverage these devices and implement a mobile device application that integrates with our current Travel and Expense Systems that we have purchased from Concur Travel. Purchasing a mobile applications solution from Concur Travel will allow Boeing travelers to save time; reduce costs; increase productivity; and better serve our customers. I. MOTIVATION Concur’s mobile capability will provide Boeing with the perfect solution for employees, managers and executive staff who no longer have to wait until they return to the office to complete or approve an expense report. Travelers will be able to use the mobile app to take pictures of their receipts and complete expense reports using their BlackBerrys. When they return to the office they don’t have to sit at a desk all day to do one expense report on paper or come back to the office just to approve an expense report [1]. The primary drivers for implementing a Concur Tr... ... middle of paper ... ...al%20Report%20-%20Long%20Version.pdf. [2] Concur, "Concur Give Organization Best-in-Class Travel and Expense Experience," nd. [Online]. Available: http://assets.concur.com/case-studies/medium-large-business-travel-expense-cannon-cochran-management-services.pdf. [3] Aberdeen Group, "Mobile Technology: Filling the Gap in Modern Expense Management," March 2011. [Online]. Available: http://assets.concur.com/whitepaper/mobile-technology.pdf. [4] Concur, "Concur’s Mobile Solution Keeps Growing Motion Picture Exhibitor on the Go," April 2011. [Online]. Available: http://assets.concur.com/case-studies/cinemark-case-study.pdf. [5] Concur, "Building an Effective Business Case: Automating Travel Booking and Expense Reporting Processing," February 2009. [Online]. Available: http://www.travelwise.co.uk/business/downloads/CNQRWP-Building_an_Effective_Business_Case_NA.pdf.

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