Levels of Performance- Original Writing

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Levels of Performance- Original Writing

In this assignment I will be looking at my own current levels of

performance including strengths and weaknesses in my chosen sport,

which is cricket.

Firstly I will be reviewing my levels and comparing them to another

member within my class.


This is a very important part within the cricket game and it is vital

to have a good average per innings in order to win any games.

The overall average runs per innings are 10.6 runs within the class.

My overall average run’s per innings is 7 so it is slightly below

average compared to Gavin who has an average of 8.2 runs per innings,

which is still slightly below average.


Runs per Over:

In cricket it is important to not give away many runs when bowling to

the opposition so you stand a chance in winning.

In our tournament the average runs per over given away was 6.3. I

bowled a total of 3 over’s giving away 9 runs in total, which works

out at 3 runs per over, which is below average. Comparing this to

Gavin’s runs per over, he bowled 4 over’s and gave away 12 runs which

also works out at an average of 3 runs per over.



This part of the game is vital; you need to be good at this in order

to get all the opposing team out therefore winning the game.

During my time bowling I got 1 person out and gave away 9 runs in 3

over’s (1/9). Gavin on the over hand got 3 people out and gave away 12

runs in the space of 4 over’s (3/12) which is a much better average

then myself.


An overall summary of statistics:




Batting (runs per innings)








Runs Per Over

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