Letters from Iwo Jima Film Review

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A genre of movie that many people enjoy seeing a war films, representations of past conflicts on the big screens of Hollywood. One film that really drives into the heart of what it was like to actually be in the Pacific Theater of war from the Axis perspective; Letters From Iwo Jima is a film the captivates its audience is an emotional story, while entertaining the action lovers with epic battle scenes.“I’ll always be in front of you.” One of the many memorable lines from the movie shows the bravery and courage that forced difficult battles. Just due to the fact that hardly no movies are made to represent what the Japanese or Germans felt or thought during the war; the hardships they endured and the difficult choices they had to make, made this one an absolute keeper. Letters From Iwo Jima, showing historical accuracy through setting, drama, costume, different moral stances, and the characters people encounter through the story; creates an amazing experience for the viewer and takes that person on a journey through the hardships at Iwo Jima.
In every movie one major factor that contributes to it is the setting of the movie; in this case hence the name, takes place in Iwo Jima, Japan. Director Clint Eastwood, asked permission from the Japanese government to sorta renovate the island; to use it for the “set” of his movie. This adds a level of realism to the movie, using the actual island in which the war was waged on adds a nice touch of authenticity. Continuing on, the defenses that were depicted in the movie ranged from a wide array, from bunkers to artillery encampments deep in the mountain sides, and even underground machine gun nests. The reason these are important is that it shows the strategy and tactics used by the Japanes...

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...ts and images from the armies of the time period, those descriptions are correct. One interesting thing portrayed in the movie is the use of netting on the helmet, now, why is this important? Conflicts in the pacific theater were often in bright, tropical locations, so what didn’t help the Japanese? The uniforms, so how do they fix this? With the netting, on the helmets, the netting provided a reducement of glare on the tan helmet, as well as allowing them to place flora (leaves mainly) into the netting to provide a more natural look and provide camouflage when hiding. Snipers were always a constant annoyance in the forests, this helped the Japanese immensely. Small details such as this really add to the immersion in the movie and keeps you entertained; but every story also needs a meaning, this movie has one that makes one realize how war can create false mindsets.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how letters from iwo jima captivates its audience by showing historical accuracy through setting, drama, costume, different moral stances, and the characters people encounter through the story.
  • Analyzes how the setting of the movie, iwo jima, adds a level of authenticity and shows the strategy and tactics used by the japanese during this battle.
  • Analyzes how japanese forces made iwo jima into a floating fortress, with artillery, machine guns, snipers, and spotters around every corner.
  • Analyzes how the film portrays the actual uniforms both armies wore during the conflict. the use of netting on the helmets helped the japanese immensely.
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